Welcome to the Acupuncture News and Research advice section

You’ll find our acupuncture news blog with research updates, press reports and helpful videos.  A recent addition is the Channel 4 programme following the story of several patients suffering from chronic pain. Amongst other measures they tested were acupuncture and Tai Chi, and acupuncture was shown to reduce pre-menstrual migraines.

There is also an acupuncture research advice section includes information on fertility and IVF.  Pregnancy research includes morning sickness, pelvic and back pain, mood changes, and breech presentation. Acupuncture birth preparation research looks at cervical ripening, and labour research includes acupuncture labour induction and pain reduction.

Additionally there are a range of links to useful websites including that of our patron Debra Betts which contains a wealth of information about pregnancy and labour, and helpful advice on acupressure including resource sheets and videos.  Her website page focusing on acupressure pain relief in labour is especially helpful.

ACT London isn’t the only Acupuncture Childbirth Team group.  The links page also includes ACT groups in Brighton & Sussex, Bristol, Hertfordshire and Oxford.

Our individual practitioners are always available for advice about your treatment options and choices.  First find the ACT London member that you feel will suit you best via our Find An Acupuncturist page, and then contact them directly for more information. When choosing an ACT member you might want to consider how close they are to your home or work, whether they do online consults, what style of acupuncture they practice, and whether they are qualified in additional therapies that may suit you.

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