Acupuncture Research – Fertility & Pregnancy

Acupuncture Research – from Conception to Childbirth

The evidence of acupuncture research affecting hormone balance, fertility, IVF and pregnancy continues to grow.

Both fertility and IVF have attracted a range of studies, many showing benefit.  6 clinical trials have shown markedly improved results with acupuncture during IVF.  Of these, a 2019 Turkish study by Coksuer et al. used the same acupuncture point protocol as the original German study by Paulus et al. in 2002, with both showing successful results.  Another notable study is from the Homerton Hospital in London in 2016 demonstrating doubling of the pregnancy rate with acupuncture treatment during IVF. Embryo transfer acupuncture shows research benefit, and there is also evidence of acupuncture helping with poor ovarian response or implantation failure.

Women’s health acupuncture trials note improvement in PCOS, endometriosis pain, period pain, irregular periods, premenstrual syndrome, hormone balance and vulvodynia.

Pregnancy studies have shown benefit for morning sickness, hyperemesis, back pain, pelvic pain, anxiety during pregnancy, threatened miscarriage and breech presentation.

Acupuncture for pre-birth preparation ideally starts from 37 weeks and studies show benefit with the cervix softening and ripening.  Acupuncture labour induction can be offered from the due date, often alongside having membrane sweeps from your midwife. Then when labour begins pain relief with acupuncture and acupressure are noted.

In the 4th trimester acupuncture shows benefit with milk flow and enabling continued breastfeeding, as well as helping restore the balance of the mother’s energy after childbirth.

Scientific Research and Clinical Trials on Acupuncture for Fertility, IVF, Pregnancy & Labour

Further information and advice on Acupuncture Research for Fertility & Pregnancy including acupressure points to help during labour can also be seen on the website of our Patron, Debra Betts.

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