Anne Harrabin

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Hampstead, Acupuncture Clinic for Women Courthope Road NW3 2LE
25-29 Courthope Road London GB

I am passionate about supporting women through all aspects of pregnancy, birth and post-natal, being a mother of three children myself.

Over 27 years in my thriving acupuncture practice I am proud and privileged to have supported women around pregnancy because this is such a crucial time in a woman’s life.

The essence of Chinese medicine for thousands of years has been to treat women holistically and help patients’ underlying constitution and emotions as well as their immediate health issues.

Pregnancy can (and I believe should) be a hugely empowering experience. And I ’m delighted to say that after seeing me, my patients normally say they feel a greater sense of general well-being.

Hundreds of women have visited my clinic for a whole range of conditions like fertility problems, morning sickness, muscular-skeletal pain and other issues related to pregnancy.

I use a traditional Chinese acupuncture protocol for women who are facing a medical induction. (Please contact me soon after 40 weeks.)

I also offer set treatments prior to full term, in order to prepare mothers-to-be for a timely and successful labour. (This needs to be booked four weeks before due date.)

I have also supported many women trying to conceive using IVF. I see mothers before during and after assisted conception.

I offer a special private acupressure coaching session so the birth partner can give pain relief to the mother during labour. This offers an opportunity for the birth partner to be involved more in the birth and support the mother more fully. My patients have found this helpful and bonding.

Mothers often return post-natally for a few treatments to raise their energy and help them recover from the birth, ease any post-natal complications and embrace motherhood. This can include breast feeding issues.

I started work in London at a large busy clinic in Waterloo, where I helped train students in point location. I now work in my own comfortable private clinic in a quiet street near Hampstead Heath.

Please visit my website to hear testimonials from my patients and to see more about how I work.