Helen Robertson

Islington Acupuncture Clinic Central 10-12 Gaskin Street London N1 2RY
White Crane Clinic 13 St Georges Mews Primrose Hill London NW1 8XE
10-12 Gaskin Street England N1 2RY GB


I have worked as an acupuncturist in London for the past 20 years. During that time I have seen many women trying to conceive naturally, and using IVF and other assisted reproductive techniques. I have also treated women through pregnancy and in preparation for birth.

Not everyone who wants to is lucky enough to give birth to a child, but I have seen it happen for many people who were starting to doubt their dreams of parenthood. I use acupuncture and dietary recommendations to help my clients to improve their physical and hormonal balance. I also believe that the psychological support offered by acupuncture, and a good therapeutic relationship can be of enormous help.

Many women come for acupuncture in early pregnancy to help with problems such as nausea, headaches and anxiety. It is also useful in the third trimester for back and hip pain, and to help turn a breech presentation. I feel particularly lucky to see women in the pre-labour stage, from 37 weeks onwards. I believe this is a great time to have acupuncture, as it seems to help both body and mind transition into the zone of moving towards labour.

I worked as a Chinese medical herbalist for 10 years after graduation, but I gave this up to study psychotherapy. I now split my week between counselling and acupuncture. I have a good network of colleagues to refer my clients for specialist nutrition or Chinese herbal medicine if desired.

I have an advanced level diploma in fertility acupuncture with Naava Carman. This has deepened my knowledge of western medical diagnoses such as PCOS and endometriosis, which often accompany fertility problems. It has also led to a new understanding of the effects the immune system can have on fertility and pregnancy.